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15 April 2012 @ 07:52 pm
Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven

Welcome Minna-san!!!

This Livejournal is dedicated to two of my favorite Japanese actors Hamao Kyousuke (on the left) and Watanabe Daisuke (on the right) and their works, especially the 'Takumi-Kun Series'.

What can you expect from this Livejournal?

- Facts and Trivia about these two wonderful actors
- News and Updates about latest projects, TV-Shows etc.
- Media: Sharing of Music, Videos and Links
- Pictures
- Dai x Mao Fanfiction and Takumi-Kun Fanfiction
- A lot of fangirling :-)

If you like Mao-kun and Dai-chan as much as I do, feel free to follow my journal and/or to add me as a friend.

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14 February 2017 @ 11:29 pm
Happy Valentine's Day 2017 everyone!!!!

10 February 2017 @ 01:08 am

Hi Minna!

For those of you who are following my ongoing DaiMao vampire fanfic "Eternal Moon" I'm happy to announce....


For those of you who would like to have a look at the new chapter or are interested in checking the story out, please follow this link:


I hope you will enjoy reading this chapter as much as I have enjoyed writing it, even though it took me ages....and as usual any review or comment on the fanfic page is very much appreciated.

31 January 2017 @ 01:24 am

I let out a huge fangirl squeal when I heard the news....

Dai-chan has been invited by Oka Kojiro, a senior Dai-chan respects very much, to participate in his concert!
The original list of performaing artists was limited to three performers only, namely Oka Kojiro, Chiaki Shin and Tomohiko Nakai, all of them being big names in the Japanese musical industry.
However, Oka-san himself approached Dai-chan and BMI asking if he would be willing to join the performance...
I secured my concert ticket as soon as the news was announced on Dai-chan's blog.

And what a setting it is going to be!!!
Dai-chan will perform with the Japan Philharmonic Orchestra in "Tokyo Opera City Main Hall", a concert hall which is listed in the top ten of performance venues in the world for classical concerts, due to its great accoustic and can accomodate 1632 spectators on a total of three floors!

Here are the event details:

Oka Kojiro Premium Concert 2017 ~BEST OF MUSICAL III~
90th Anniversary Performance + Musical Selection

[Date of Performance]
March 28, 2017

Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall

Oka Kojiro
Chiaki Shin
Tomohiko Nakai
Watanabe Daisuke

Orchestra: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra

Tokyo Opera City, main Hall
seat capacity (3 floors):1632


Hi Minna!

About one week ago Dai-chan's official video comment was finally released by TOHO stage on their official "Romeo & Juliette" website and their YouTube channel...
and when I first saw that video comment my jaw dropped to the floor...literally!!!!


Because Dai-chan looks just incredible in his costume and make-up!
It wasn't difficult to imagine that he would become amazing Tybalt, but what I saw in that video comment just left me speechless.
Dai-chan has transformed into an absolutely gorgeous Tybalt...a sexy, with just the right touch of eroticism, beautiful yet dangerous man...

I can't wait to finally see that character live on stage on Sunday, January 15th, the day of the premier...

You can check out Dai-chan's video comment here:

To check out the video coments of the other cast members, please follow this link to TOHO's official "Romeo & Juliette" channel:


For more information of the musical itself, please check out the official website:


07 December 2016 @ 12:47 am

Hi Minna!

Today I would like to share an important message from Mao with you.
He has posted it, yesterday December 5th 2016 on a Japanese blog which he had created merely for that purpose...

Mao's ex-coworker and friend Hyuuma who is a 舞台衣装 (stage set) designer posted a tweet yesterday in which he announced that he would like to share the link to a message from Mao to his fans.

Please read Mao's message carefully because it IS a very important issue and please read this post until the very end because I will provide you with some background info regarding this message and its contents.

2016-12-05 20:35




近日、学業に関する情報や情報交換のためFace bookを立ち上げたところ、以前私を応援していただいたファンの方々から頻繁にメッセージが届くようになり、この件を機に皆様に再度お伝えするため、弁護士と相談のもと一時的にこちらを開設致しました。










A Request from Hamao Kyousuke to Everyone

This is Hamao Kyousuke.

First off, I want to truly thank everyone who supported me as Hamao Kyousuke* in the past.

I retired from the entertainment industry and from acting on February 28th, 2014. Presently, I am in the United States of America devoting myself to my studies in pursuit of a new dream.

Recently, when I launched my Facebook account in order to exchange and gather information in relation to my studies, I frequently received messages from fans who supported me previously. After consulting with a lawyer, I have temporarily started this page in order to communicate with everyone on this matter once again.

I truly regret not being to tell everyone properly that I was retiring when I retired from the entertainment industry, but I have absolutely no plans or intentions of returning to that life. It has been almost three years since I retired and at present I am focusing all my energy on a new dream and seriously pursuing a new life

I have some concerns since there is the possibility of being frequently messaged by strangers on social media, my picture being taken and those pictures being uploaded and spread around on the internet. Thus, while I can’t say that I am sufficiently used to life in America yet I also can’t say that America is safer than Japan and so I myself feel distressed and threatened when I think about the possibility of my address and the particular details of my life here being arbitrarily open to the public in a country like this.

In speaking with a lawyer regarding this matter, the prevailing view is that the unilateral spreading of photographs, personal information, and one’s daily life etc., on the internet without one’s personal consent is a violation of a person’s right to privacy. However, I have been told that there is a big difference in how much privacy is to be protected for those who are actively working in the entertainment industry disclosing their names and faces and those who are not. Almost three years have passed since I left Japan and cut off my involvement with the entertainment industry, and I believe that my current position is much closer to the latter.

Considering the future, I feel that I personally have a limit as to the number of individual cases I can handle, and so I started this page so that it will spread widely and inform everyone on the internet. This page will be deleted after a certain period of time.

As someone who has left the entertainment industry, for the sake of my studies, I humbly ask that you stop messaging me on social media, as well as uploading and spreading my images and personal information on the internet.

Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who supported me as Hamao Kyousuke* in the past.

Hamao Kyousuke

*TN: Regarding the spelling of Mao's name: When he was an actor, Mao used the characters “浜尾京介”, but he is signing this message as “濱尾京介” which are the original Kanji of his family name. Both are read “Hamao Kyousuke” but his last name as an actor was simplified, which is a common practice for performers.

Translated by: masayume85


1. Why such a serious message, so all of a sudden?

Some of you might be wondering why Mao suddenly makes such a direct statement after three years of silence and so completely out of the blue.

Apparently there has been a serious incident quite rececntly...a group of fans apparently tracked Mao down in New York, took lots of ppictures of him against his wishes and then posted those photos along with some private info about Mao's new life on the internet. (Credit for this info goes to Furu Wu - thank you my dear).

Another incident occured at the IELTS test center, a picture of him, even though it was just a picture his legs, was secretly taken and then shared on the web along with info about his looks, clothes etc.

Some other fans have apparently managed to somehow identify Mao's genuine, private Facebook account and have frequently left messages and comments there, just as if Mao was still an active artist.

For all these reasons Mao has decided to make this public statement regarding his retirement and the privacy of his new life.

2. "Please stop uploading and spreading my images and personal information" (quote Mao)

Many fans seem to be confused and wondering "Is he asking us to stop uploading and sharing ANY pictures of him???"

The answer is....NO, HE ISN'T!!!!

Mao's request to stop posting photos of him is targeted to private photo footage, footage of him in New York living his new life, but not to official photo material from his acting days that is already on the web.

"You are not authorized to stalk me, to photograph me secretly and to share private photos related to my new life on the web. So please stop such actions." That is the meaning of Mao's request not to upload images of himon the internet.

The photos we are not allowed to post and share are photos taken of
濱尾京介 (the 'new' Mao), but any official photos of 浜尾京介 (the artist) are still okay to post and share just as before.

I hope that this background info helps a little to clear up some misunderstandings regarding the content of Mao's statement.

I would only like to add one thing, a very personal request if you like and I hope you won't think me insolent for requesting it:

Please everyone, respect Mao's privacy and behave with the proper decorum towards him in the future. Don't try to track him down in NY and to take secret pictures of him, regardless of whether your intention is to share them or to keep them as private keepsakes.
Please accept the fact that Mao's retirement from the showbiz is indeed a permanent one and that he therefore is a private person now and wishes to remain as such a one.
We all love Mao dearly, Mao the actor as well as the 'new' Mao, but please accept the fact that our fan and fangirl activities on the web and in the real world are limited to "Hamao Kyousuke - the actor" and to the official materials (photos, videos, blog entries etc.) that we have of him from the years 2007 - 2014.

Thank you

PS: If you wish to have a look at the original blog entry, please follow this link (I don't know how long Mao intends to keep this page active though):


24 November 2016 @ 01:09 am

Hi Minna!!!!

What we had hoped for these past two years finally happened!!!!
A study abroad student happened to run into Mao at an ESL test center in Manhatten, New York on Saturday, November 19th 2016 as they were both taking the IELTS test!

Ironically that student had no idea who Mao was.
According to the original report on Baidu and Weibo that student and Mao were queuing at the registration desk and Mao signed the examination register just before she did and that's how she got to know his name and later he sat next to her during the exam, but since she had no idea who he was (the girl made it clear in her report that she isn't a Mao fan) they didn't talk to each other.

However, while she was talking to one of her friends in the aisle Mao apparently asked politely if he could pass through and during the sign-up procedure she overheard him talking very politely to the staff.
The girl reported that she got curious about Mao because he was the only Japanese guy at the exam and so very handsome and so she googled his name just for fun. According to her report she was extremely surprised when she found out that Mao is a former actor/idol and quite famous in and outisde Japan.

She reported that Mao was looking really healthy and well. She said that he is slim and according to her report he was wearing black jeans, a grey sweater a black coat and striped socks at the exam. His hair-style is short with no fringe and he was wearing glasses.

Once she had found out who that handsome student was, the girl tried to take a picture, but she could only snap a photo of Mao's feet without arising any suspicion from Mao or the supervising staff at the test center.

A big, big "Thank you" to 'Helen 2j2s' a.k.a. 'yaya19890410' for reporting this wonderful news to the fan community and for sharing the photo on baido and weibo!
The original post can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/home/main?un=Helen2j2s&ie=utf-8&fr=pb

It is wonderful to know from a source other than Dai-chan or Mao's dad that Mao is indeed well and healthy and working hard to achieve his goals.

Ganbatte Mao!!!! Good Luck!!!!
We're eagerly anticipating your return to Japan!


Hello Minna!!!!

I sincerely apologize for the VERY long wait, but here it finally is...
the detailed fan report of the Biohazard talk event of October 10th 2016.

I hope you will enjoy the read!


Watanabe Daisuke – Biohazard Talk Event – A fan report

On October 10th, 2016 Dai-chan’s “Biohazard” talk event was held at Meiji-ji Kinenkan in Tokyo and being the crazy Dai-chan fangirl that I am, I naturally attended it. The price for the event ticket was 3500 yen including tax which I thought was a very reasonable price for a one-and-a-half-hour long talk show.
I also was extremely excited because it was the first talk event since his fan club birthday event in 2015.

When I received my ticket a few weeks prior to the event I was quite surprised at the design of it because the ticket had an individual design, a picture of Dai-chan as the background image and then the event information printed next to it.

Read more...Collapse )
And here is part 2 of the event report...
Next the conversation moved on to the subject of travelling. Mick wanted to know which country or countries Dai-chan would like to visit. Dai-chan explained that since 1789 he had really become interested in France and that he would like to visit Paris, especially those places in the city that provided the setting for the musical. He then asked the audience if any of us had ever been to Paris and I as well as some other fans sitting near me nodded our heads in affirmation. Dai-chan then looked directly at us and asked “Paris is a beautiful, city, isn’t it?” and once again we affirmed it by nodding our heads. Finally Dai-chan mentioned that he would also like to visit Croatia since it was the setting for the Biohazard musical.

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07 November 2016 @ 06:29 pm

Hello MInna!!!!

Right on time for Dai-chan's birthday....we uploaded the international Birthday Message 2016 on YouTube just after midnight!

I attended Dai-chan's birthday event yesterday (November 6th) and I put our DVD into the "present box" provided by the staff.
Knowing that it usually takes a few days for Dai-chan to check out all the presents he has received from his fans I asked him to check YouTube for our video when I took my picture with him.

Dai-chan replied that he had already seen the video earlier in the morning because he had checked YouTube and had come across our little video present. Dai-chan was very touched by our messages for him and he said that he wants to thank you all!!!
Our messages and greetings put a smile on Dai-chan's face.

Thanks to all those who participated in this year's birthday project and helped to make it successful and to the wonderful Eszter Andrea Yang-Kiss, the editor.

To watch the video, please go here:

Due to YouTube's copyright policies the video might not be available in some countries.
Therefore I will put a download link here on my LJ later for all those of you who can't watch the video on YouTube.