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Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven

Welcome Minna-san!!!

This Livejournal is dedicated to two of my favorite Japanese actors Hamao Kyousuke (on the left) and Watanabe Daisuke (on the right) and their works, especially the 'Takumi-Kun Series'.

What can you expect from this Livejournal?

- Facts and Trivia about these two wonderful actors
- News and Updates about latest projects, TV-Shows etc.
- Media: Sharing of Music, Videos and Links
- Pictures
- Dai x Mao Fanfiction and Takumi-Kun Fanfiction
- A lot of fangirling :-)

If you like Mao-kun and Dai-chan as much as I do, feel free to follow my journal and/or to add me as a friend.

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25 July 2016 @ 11:24 pm


It took me ages, but I finally found enough time to update my ongoing DaiMao vampire fanfic "Eternal Moon".
For all those of you who are following that story and all those who haven't read it yet, but would like to have a glimpse, here is the link:


I hope you will enjoy the read and I'd be very grateful if you would leave me a little review on the fanfic page.

Thanks a million!

picture credit: lacusyamato
25 June 2016 @ 07:45 pm


May you always be healthy and succeed in your endeavors!
May your days be filled with nothing but joy and happiness and may luck follow you wherever you go!!!

25 June 2016 @ 06:57 pm



A big "Thank you" goes to Eszter Andrea Yang-Kiss who took time off her busy schedule to edit this video.
A big "Thank you" also goes to Miza Cross who provided us with a beautiful photo edit for the very end of the video.


The biggest "THANK YOU" goes to all those of you who joined this project and submitted their video greetings, fanart greetings and 'sweet treat' photos to us. We couldn't have done this video without you guys!!!!


To watch the video please follow this link:

In some countries the video might not be visible due to copyright issues, so I uploaded it onto an alternative site. If you can't watch the video on YouTube, please try the following link:




PS: I have written a polite message to Masanori Hamao, kindly asking him to forward the links to the video to Mao via email or LINE.


Hello Minna!!!!


There will be a CD release for "1789 - Bastille no Koibitotachi" by TOHO Stage!

Dai-chan's staff just announced the happy news on his blog today!!!

It's a soundtrack featuring the songs and tunes of the musical and it will come in two versions featuring both main casts (except Kaname-san).

The versions are:

1. "Version de Liberté" featuring Teppei-kun (Ronan), Sayaka-chan (Olympe) and Hanafusa-san (Marie Antoinette)

2. "Version d'égalité" featuring Kazuki-san (Ronan), Nene-san (Olympe) and Hanafusa-san (Marie Antoinette)

Price: 3240 yen per CD

Release Date: October 2016

CAUTION: If you want the complete collection of all the songs and tunes of the musical, you have to buy BOTH versions of the CD since each version features different songs. Some titles are identical, but the singers are different.
For example the song "マズリエの逮捕" is featured on both CDs, once sung by Teppei-kun (version de liberté) and once by Kazuki-san (version d'égalité).

CD "Version de Liberté" features the following tracks:



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However, it seems that the CD will be available in Japan only for the time being.
TOHO Stage offers no international shipping option in their official online shop and payment is only possible by local bank transfer or by cash on delivery.
Payment by credit card, Japanese or foreign, is not accepted.

For more information, please follow this link: http://www.tohostage.com/1789/cd.html

picture source: Toho Stage's official website
09 June 2016 @ 02:35 am

Hi Mnna!!!!

For all those of you who are following my Takumi-kun fanfic "Sourire Encore Demain" I have, hopefully happy, news...
I have just updated the story with chatper 6!

For everyone who has been awaiting the update and for all those who haven't read the story yet, but would like to have a glimpse at it, please follow this link:


I hope that you will enjoy the read and please be so kind to leave me a little review in the comment box at the bottom of the story page. Your thoughts and opinions mean a lot to me and every single comment is welcome and much appreciated.

Thank you!

picture credit: snapshot taken from my own original photo collection

Hi Minna!

1789 - Bastille no Koibitotachi has at last come to its end...
It was a wonderful musical, Dai-chan as Camille Desmoulins was stunning and I'm quite sad that it is over...
Dai-chan updated his blog tonight and it seems he is quite emotional himself in the aftermath of his successful Teigeki debut.
He wrote a very heartfelt blog post today which I'd like to share with you.
『沢山の感謝。』- Lots of gratitude

The sky in Osaka on the day of my return
It was taken with a feeling of sadness, but it’s beautiful.

Let’s start over…

Everyone, GoodMorningEveningDay!
I’m sorry for not updating my blog sooner.
Yesterday, the final performance of the musical "lovers - of 1789 - Bastille" ended safely.
For being wrapped in the love of so many people, from beginning of preview performances Imperial Theatre to the finish of the final day yesterday, I’m full of heartfelt gratitude! !
ありきたりの言葉ですが、、、皆様、本当に有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
It’s just a few words but…Everyone, I really thank you!
Everyone’s warm applause…at every performance it made me tear me up…I was happy…
Although I've said during the greeting of yesterday's senshuuraku, that I have a feeling of accomplishment, I now feel nothing but sadness.
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Sunday, May 15th, curtain call at the Imperial Theater in Tokyo

On Sunday, May 15th the performance period of 1789 - Les Amants de la Bastille, Japanese version finally came to its end and...wow...what an amazing musical it was!!!!
The cast...
The costumes...
The dances...
The translated dialogs and songs of the original French version...
It was all perfect!!! Kudos to Toho's director Koike-sensei who saw to it that the Japanese version of 1789 is more than up to par with its French, original, counterpart.

And Dai-chan...oh my God...Dai-chan....
He has become an amazing Camille Desmoulins, a Desmoulins who is a bit different from the one in the original version.
I really liked the fact the the Japanese version shows Desmoulins not only as a revolutionary with a strong sense of justice, but a gentle and passionate person too and Dai-chan did an absolutely brilliant job at bringing out these facets of Desmoulin's character...and his rich baritone singing voice...it was strong, clear, vivid and incredibly beautiful.
32 days, including the two preview days and 48 performances...Dai-chan, hontouni otsukaresama deshita!!!!!

Yes..I openly admit it...
I'm totally in love with Dai-chan's Camille Desmoulins and it seems that I'm not the only one.
Several people who watched the musical and who aren't Dai-chan fans wrotte on their twitters that they would marry Camille Desmoulins if they could.

But it isn't over yet!!!!!
The Tokyo performances have ended but the Osaka performances are only about to begin.
From May 21st until June 5th the cast of 1789 will entrance the audience in Osaka and for Dai-chan that means he will be Desmoulins for another 20 performances in 15 days.
Ganbatte minna-san!!!!
Ganbatte Dai-chan!!!!

I will see you again in Osaka and I'm already incredibly excited about watching the "daisenshuuraku", the very last performance of this magnificent musical production!

Here's a little 1789 - Les Amants de la Bastille digest:

For more 1789 videos, head over to the official YouTube channel of Toho Musical:

17 May 2016 @ 10:24 pm



Our dearest Mao might have retired from the showbiz for now, but he still has many fans and even in New York he has access to YouTube....
Therefore the tradition of the B-Day video project will carry on!

If you'd like to participate here are the details:

1. you can create ONE of the following:
- a photo message (panorama layout)
- fan art (panorama layout)
- a video message (30 sec. max in English or Japanese. Remember after two years in New York Mao's English should be quite good now, so English video greetings shouldn't be a problem)

Fan clubs can submit ONE fan club greeting in addition to the individual greetings of the members.
Example: a fan club of 10 people = 10 individual greetings + 1 fan club greeting

2. Any good wishes for Mao's future and birthday greetings are accepted, but please refrain from asking Mao to come back to the entertainment industry or from telling him how much you miss him.
Remember, we want to make him happy and put a smile on his beautiful face.

3. Send a picture of your favourite sweet dish in addition to your fanart or video greeting. It can be your favourite dessert, cake or a traditional sweet dish of your country.
The picture should be in horizontal layout and should say "Happy Birthday Mao" or something similar. And please add your name and country in one corner of the picture as well.

4. Send your B-Day message attached to a short email to the following address: celtic.rose27@gmail.com
- please put "Mao B-Day Project 2016" into the subject line.

5. Deadline: June 15th

6. For any questions please contact me via PM here on FB or on LJ or by sending your question to the email provided above.

This year's video will be edited by Eszter Andrea Yang-Kiss, the wonderful editor who already edited the "10th anniversary fan award" video for Dai-chan and myself and we hope that many of you will join this project again and make it once more a successful one.

Like in previous years the final video will be published on YouTube and we'll ask Mao's dad to inform Mao about this video and to give him the link, so that Mao gets see it like he has done in the past.



Hi Minna!

Here is Part 2 of the "1789 - Les Armants de la Bastille" stage report.

On Tuesday, April 12th I unexpectedly got the afternoon off work and therefore I decided to go to the theater in order to get one of the “day tickets” that are sold at the box office in very limited quantities two hours prior to the start of the performance and I was lucky in getting one, even S-seat which I attribute to the fact that it was a weekday and that I already was at the box office one hour prior to the beginning of the ticket sale. So, at 17:00pm I watched 1789 for the second time, this time with the “B”-cast consisting of Kazuki Kato as Ronan, Nene Yumesaki as Olympe and Kaname Ouki as Marie Antoinette.

Dai-chan’s performance was brilliant that day and I felt that his Desmoulins had already become much deeper compared to the opening performance the previous Saturday. His voice was strong, powerful and crystal clear and any hints of nervousness or tension had disappeared from his performance.

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