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Welcome Minna-san!!!

This Livejournal is dedicated to two of my favorite Japanese actors Hamao Kyousuke (on the left) and Watanabe Daisuke (on the right) and their works, especially the 'Takumi-Kun Series'.

What can you expect from this Livejournal?

- Facts and Trivia about these two wonderful actors
- News and Updates about latest projects, TV-Shows etc.
- Media: Sharing of Music, Videos and Links
- Pictures
- Dai x Mao Fanfiction and Takumi-Kun Fanfiction
- A lot of fangirling :-)

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21 May 2015 @ 02:14 am



Our dearest Mao might have retired from the showbiz for now, but he still has many fans and even in New York he has access to YouTube....
Therefore there will be another B-Day video project!

As in previous years the video will be edited together by Amanda Gilbertson, a good friend of mine and member of a big DaiMao fan group on facebook.

If you'd like to participate here are the details:

1. you can create one of the following:
- a photo message
- fan art
- a video message (20 sec. max in English or Japanese)

2. Any good wishes for Mao's future and birthday greetings are accepted, but please refrain from asking Mao to come back to the entertainment industry or from telling him how much you miss him.
Remember, we want to make him happy and put a smile on his beautiful face

3. Send your B-Day message attached to a short email to the following address:
- please put "Mao B-Day Project 2015" into the subject line and let Amanda know in the body of the message whether your B-Day greeting is a video or a picture/fan art message.

4. Deadline: June 15th

5. For any questions please contact me via PM here on LJ or Amanda Gilbertson by sending your question to the email provided above.

Amanda and I hope that many of you will join this project again and make it once more a successful one. Like in previous years the final video will be published on YouTube in hopes that Mao will get see it like he has done in the past.


21 May 2015 @ 02:07 am

Hi Minna!

Some of you might have already heard it on other fan sites or read it on Dai-chan's blog, but I'd like to keep you up to date anyway.

Dai-chan went to Guam in at the end of March 2014 for the shooting of a new DVD.
The DVD is produced by 'Smart Boys' or 'sumabo', the same company who produced Mao's DVD 'Gakuen no Clover' in 2013 in which he co-starred with Ryouma Baba.
Dai-chan's new idol DVD is going to be the latest release in a sumabo series called 'real face', a series that focuses on idols who are in their late twenties or early thirties...believe it or not, our King Dai-chan is going to be 33 years old this November....

The DVD will be released on May 29th and will be sold on the sumabo website. The price is 4100 yen (incl. tax) and if you're interested in more details, please follow this link:

A special release event for the DVD will be held on June 13th 2015 in Tokyo and on June 14th 2015 in Osaka.
The event consists of a talk show and a meet & greet with Dai-chan and the ticket sale will start on May 30th, the price being 4320yen (incl. tax) per ticket.
I will attend the event in Tokyo and as usual I will post an event report.

Hi Minna!

Believe it or not, but I finally found the time to update my ongoing DaiMao fanfic "Eternal Moon"!
For those of you who are following the story or for those who haven't read it yet, but would like to have a glimpse please follow this link:

I hope that everybody will enjoy the read and please be so kind to leave me a comment with your thoughts in the 'review box' at the bottom of the story page. Every comment is greatly appreciated.

And from tomorrow I'll start working on the next chapter for my Takumi-kun fanfic "Sourire Encore Demain".

28 April 2015 @ 12:14 am

Hi Minna!!!!


Ryusuke Nakamura, one of the 'Messiah' cast members mentioned Mao in his blog yesterday (Sunday, April 26th 2015) and based on what he wrote it seems that our dearest Mao is, at least temporarily, back in Japan!!!!

I created a shortened version of his blog entry from Sunday, summarizing only the most important parts:

昨日は【メサイア ~翡翠ノ章~】の稽古8日目でした
Yesterday was day 8 of the rehearsal for "Messiah ~Reunion~"

そんな感じで稽古後は このメンツで、ご飯
After the end of the rehearsal I had dinner with these guys. (picture)

We went to eat sushi.

その後は わんさか人を集めてYaiYai 【メサイア ~翡翠ノ章~】の親睦会のつもりやったけど、
After that I tried to to get everybody from "Messiah Reunion" together for a night out

秋人 a.k.a 高野, にっちゃん a.k.a 岸谷, ろっぽん a.k.a 定石とかも集まって、なんだかんだの【メサイア】飲み
Akihito a.k.a. 'Takano', Ni-chan a.k.a. 'Kishitani' and Roppon a.k.a. 'Joseki' could somehow make it to the "Messiah" drinking party

まお a.k.a 柊介も呼んだけど、残念ながらタイミングが合わず、、、
I called Mao a.k.a. 'Shunsuke too, but unfortunately the timing didn't suit...

相棒のちゃんちゃん玉ちゃん a.k.a 周たんも都合が付かず、、、
For Aibo-chan-chan Tama-chan a.k.a. 'Shutan' the timing was also inconvenient...

(translated and edited by: Stefanie Rubin)

If you'd like to check it out, here's the link to Ryu-chan's full blog entry:

I wonder how long Mao will stay and if he will see a performance of Messiah as well as one of Gyakuten Saiban....

I hope we will get to see some DaiMao selfies soon!!!!!
I miss seeing them together so much!!!!

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Hi Minna!

Dai-chan's first trading card collection went on sale on March 21st 2015 and I attended the three launch events that were held in Tokyo.
This is the detailed fan report of the event.

Enjoy the read!


Dai-chan’s First Treca Event – Fan Report

On Saturday, March 21st 2015 Dai-chan’s first trading card collection went officially on sale and on Saturday, March 21st and Sunday, March 22nd special launch events were held in Tokyo and Nagoya.

I attended the two events on Saturday (Jimbocho and Akihabara) and the event on Sunday morning (Akihabara) in Tokyo. The ticket sale for these events was a bit different from the usual because the only way of obtaining one was to buy a box of trading cards and there were 3 different tickets to choose from, 1-box ticket (~6000yen), 3-box ticket (~18.000yen) and 5-box tickets (~29.000yen), each ticket coming with different benefits.

The benefits were as follows:

1-box ticket: meet & greet with Dai-chan

3-box ticket: a polaroid snapshot with Dai-chan and meet & greet

5-box ticket: a polaroid snapshot, a signed handprint of Dai-chan, meet & greet and Dai-chan signing one of our personal belongings

I bought 5-box tickets for the two events on Saturday and a 3-box ticket for the event on Sunday.

Read more...Collapse )



Dai-chan's first trading card collection went on sale this weekend here in Japan and because I attended the promotion events I have not only a complete collection already, but I have so many cards to spare that I can sell collecdtions to any of you Dai-chan fans who are interested in buying them!!!

The trading card collection consists of five regular cards sets (each set has 9 cards) and two special sets (silver & gold, 9 cards each), so a total of seven sets which equals 63 cards total. And there are 16 very rare cards as well.

Let's have a look at the sets in the collection, shall we?

Set 1: "Dai-chan in the hood" (front & back)

Set 2: "In the garden" (front & back)

Set 3: "Ready for bed" (front & back)

Set 4: "Breakfast is served" (front & back)

Set 5: "Rebel on the run" (front & back)

Special Set 1: (silver, front & back)

Special Set 2: (gold, front & back)

The rare card I sell: "Costume series", 4 different patterns, limited to 155 cards each
It's a card with a piece of one of Dai-chan's outfits he wore during the photo shooting embedded in it

The Priviledge Box Cards: one of these is inserted in every trading card box

At the online shop one trading card box, containing 63 random cards in a total of 9 packs, costs 6000yen (tax incl.).
At the event the staff revealed that it's necessary to buy at least 4 boxes to complete the collection of regular and special sets.
That's 24.000 yen or roughly US$ 200,- or about €185,- at the current conversion rate.

Here's what I'm selling:

1. Complete collection (5 regular series & 2 special series) + 1 rare card: 18.000 yen
   (3 sets available)

2. Complete collection (5 regular series & 2 special series) + 1 random Box priviledge card: 15.000 yen (1 set available)

3. Silver-only collection (5 regular series & silver special series) + 1 random box priviledge card: 12.000 yen (SOLD OUT)

4. Regular set collection only (5 regular sets) + 1 random box priviledge card: 10.000 yen (9/10 sets available)

5. 4 regular series collection (rebel & hood & garden & pyjama) + 1 random box priviledge card: 8.000 yen (1 set available)

Sales Procedure:

1. Please send me a private message to check availability of the set you are interested in with the following details: name, postal address, the set you want. Please write "Treca Sale" into the subject line of your message.

2. I'll get back to you to confirm availability of the set you requested and if it's still available, tell you the total amount of your order (set + shipping fee for EMS) and I'll request payment

3. Payment method accepted: Transfer via Western Union or Paypal

4. Once your payment is confirmed, I'll ship the good to the address you gave me

This trading card sale works on a "first come, first served" basis and I'll update availability of the sets in this post regularly.

If you are interested in buying any of the above listed sets, please contact me.

Red Celtic Rose



On March 16th 2015, one day after the final performance of "Blood Brothers" in Osaka Dai-chan posted a very long blog entry that really touched Dai-chan fans, including myself, and 'Johhny's WEST' fans alike.

Upon special request I translated this blog entry for someone and since it is really touching, warm-hearted and full of emotion, I thought you guys should read it as well, if you like that is.

As usual, please be aware that the translation might not be 100% accurate since I'm still learning Japanese myself and there is a lot of colloquial language as well as specific terms that I'm not yet too familair with, but I did my best!

Enjoy the read!

PS: The contents of this entry are one of the reasons why I respect and admire Dai-chan so much. He is so kind, considerate, humble and well-mannered. He took the time to thank everybody involved in this production personally in this blog entry and his words are nothing but sincere, warm and heart-felt.

Dai-chan, I'm so proud to be your fan!!!


“Days of Happiness – Blood Brothers”

BB 0

Because it was cloudy today, I’ll share a picture of a sunny day in Osaka!

After all, the blue sky gives a good feeling

Let’s start…

Hello everybody

It’s the morning after the big final performance of “Blood Brothers”…and I still can’t believe that that it’s over and my mind is blank.

Well, what should I talk about…

First of all…

東京公演、大阪公演を通じ、お忙しいなか、時間を割いて劇場に足をお運び下さった皆々様、応援して下さり支えて下さった皆々様、本当に、本当に有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
Everybody who came to the theaters in Tokyo and Osaka in spite of their busy schedules to see the performances and to everybody who supported me and cheered me on thank you so very, very much.

It is because of you being there that I realized that the work I have just finished, the world of “Blood Brothers” full of excitement, laughter and tears has been the best.

I’m really grateful to all of you.

I sincerely thank you.

Thank you

Thank you.

And it is thanks to everyone at Sochiku and to all the other officials that I was allowed to participate in this production and live as ‘Sammy’.

I’m very indebted to them.

I couldn’t believe it when I was told that I could become a cast member of “Blood Brothers” and I just thought ‘no way’!!!

As a result I was able to become part of the best happy family ever….

And I wouldn’t have been able to do that without everyone at Sochiku and all the other officials.

I thank you very much that you kept me in mind and finally chose me for this role.

Also I feel really indebted to all staff members at Shimbashi Enbujo and Sochiku Osaka!

You always have a smile for us, you kindly welcome the customers and even though your consideration is often overlooked, I really appreciate it.

When one of these days we get to come back again, please take good care of us once more.

I want to thank everybody of the staff and all the band members with all that I have for everything we shared, the joys and the sorrows!

And I thank you!

…the staff who went such great lengths day after day.

It’s exactly because of you, the support staff who worked so hard behind the scene that we were able to go out onto the stage with so much energy and confidence.

I think you must have been tired out.

And nevertheless you never showed us a tired smile whenever you greeted us…whenever you gave us support…this guy here won’t forget your smiles.

I’m also really grateful to the stage director including everyone who has supported everywhere and given a hand like the light and sound technicians, the props managers, the costume staff, the hair and makeup team and everyone involved with the production. Thank you all!

And the members of the band!

You guys are the best and thank you so much for playing such wonderful music!!

The beautiful and delicate melodies of the band kept echoing in my head and even now they are still in my heart.

I think that we communicated heart to heart with everybody in the band.

Otherwise it wouldn’t have been possible to create such a wonderful world.

I’m sorry for making us sound so great

But it is true! The band always stayed with us on stage until the feeling of the cast and what the band was playing came together harmonically.

Also the band transmitted the feeling of the world we created

I just want to keep listening to the warm music of the band that resounded in me from head to toe.

I’m indebted to you ever since the rehearsals!

Thank you so much!!

かなり長くなってますが…もう少々お付き合いして頂ければ幸いですm(_ _)m
It has been quite long…but I hope that we can work together again soon.


All cast members of the Glen family.

Just remembering, brings tears to my eyes…

First of all…

Starting with Glen I want to thank everybody of the cast so very, very, very much!!

Dangerous…just remembering Glen makes me cry…

Everybody in the company received love from Glen and it felt like a real family. And the story of “Blood Brothers”about love, fate and death left us, amongst other things, with an impression of the severe reality of a class dominated society in the seventies.

I wasn’t able to meet Willy Russell, but I think that I would like to go to Liverpool one day to meet him and to be reunited with Glen.

Because I love Glen, who was like the grandma of everybody in the company!!

Thanks for the encounter and the time that brought me so much happiness!

From everybody, I send a lot of love to Glen!!

I love you グレン❤
I love you Glen

Finally, all the cast members

The two main actors Akito (Mickey) and Kami-chan (Eddie) who were pulling me ever since the rehearsals…

2 人はホンマ凄いわ!!ポテンシャルの高い演技、歌唱はもちろんの事、忙しい中でも周囲への配慮やサービス精神、そして何より疲れを絶対に見せない!めちゃ くちゃ忙しく疲れているであろう時も笑顔でテンション高く、カンパニーを引っ張ってくれた事に頭が下がる思いだし、心からのお礼を言いたいです。
Those two are really amazing!! Apart from their great potential of singing and acting they are always friendly to the people around them no matter how busy they are and they are really considerate and they never let it show when they are tired.

Akito, Kami-chan, thank you so very much for your hard work.

I’m honored and happy that I got to play the older brother of these two guys! I’m grateful! Thank you.

oh, please let me be your older brother from now on as well (LOL).

Also, I want to apologize to the fans of those two guys for the many kisses I gave Akito on the cheek.

Kami-chan,I’m really soory for always spitting so many marshmallows into your face.

To Marcia, the actress of Mrs. Johnston.

Marcia, I really came to care about you!!

Well…Mum is lonely…These are my true and honest feelings right now.

In every way you were a perfect mum!!!
She was a mum who was always nice and really good to us. At the first rehearsal we mentioned that we felt very anxious about acting and singing…

Mum, what can I say! You were a perfect mother! Just remembering how nice you were moves me to tears. I’m really happy with the role of Marcia’s son…
And thank you mum for all the love you gave me, your worst son, for whom there was no salvation.

Mum, I will continue to adore you in the days to come!

To Makoto Tsubasa the narrator.

Mami, I really came to care about you!!

I always thought this way…
Mami, you have a very special aura

And everybody, including myself was fascinated by you!

I’m sincerely grateful that you took care of many things and that helped with the planning during the rehearsals.

It’s unfortunate that I only had a few scenes together with you. You weren’t in the position to interact directly with the cast and yet you were an influential narrator. (LOL)

But I’m full of emotion about having had the honor of being allowed to co-star with you!

Thank you so very much!!

To Suzuki Honoka, the actress of Mrs. Lions.

Honoka-san, thank you so much for your hard work!!

I was really blown away with your acting and singing skills, the aura and expressions of excitement and madness of Mrs. Lions,during the rehearsals as well as during the production. Honoka-san, you were amazing!

However, we didn’t exactly have a scene together this time.

I really wanted to do something together with you in a scene. If I could I have requested it, I would have been really happy to do a scene together with you, even it would have been for one single scene only.

If I should ever get the opportunity of co-starring with you, please take good care of me.
I really became indebted to you!!

To the actresses of Linda, Natsumi-chan and Mari-chan.
Na-chan, Mari-chan, thank you so much for your hard work.

That you two played Linda was fortunate for me!

Thanks to you Linda turned out to be a strong girl and I could play the intimidating Sammy with briskness every time!!

I addition to that you were the mood makers in the group, and you could brighten everybody up at any time with your positive attitude which helped a great deal!!

I really hope that one of these days we can co-star again! Thank you very much!

To the husband of Mrs. Johnston, Watanabe Masa.

Masa-san, thank you so much for your hard work!!

At the first press conference I already felt somehow connected to you because we share not only the same family name Watanabe, but we shared the same changing room as well. (laughs)

You are not only gentle and funny, but of course serious when it comes to singing and acting and even when not everybody knew and couldn’t see you, I always saw how hard you practiced.

I really like Masa-san who is sometimes serious and makes everybody laugh at other times!!

Masa-san, I really became indebted to you.

And to the members of the ensemble, Kazu-san, Yoko Ken-san, Hiroshi-kun, Saho-chan,Yuri-chan.

Thank you so much for your hard work everyone!!

This time all of you had to play many roles!
I think it was really hard. I want to send some heartfelt applause to Kazu-san, Yoko Ken-san, Hiroshi-kun, Saho-chan, and Yuri-chan.

On stage we intrigued the audience at several occasions to laugh, but in the changing room or at the mealtimes on the other hand, everybody was happy and laughed and even when we were having a tough time, everybody was smiling.

From the rehearsals we discussed about how to portray certain feelings in the best way and I was allowed to spend really good time with everybody!!

I really love you all

To think that from today onwards I can’t hear the children’s voice from inside the house or play kids games with everybody makes me sad…

But, I’ll do my best while looking forward to us reuniting or co-starring again!

和さん、横健さん、洋くん、沙穂ちゃん、有里ちゃん、本当にお世話になりました, ありがとう‼
Kazu-san, Yoko Ken-san,Hiroshi-kun, Saho-chan and Yuri-chan, I became really indebted to you, thank you!!

I really talked a lot and at length…

Everybody I could build a relationship with…thank you!!

Well, here comes the final part.

Now, for those who couldn’t come to the theater, here’s a little photo show

This is the first!

BB 1

Of course it a photo of the stage setting!

素敵なセットを作って下さったスタッフの皆様、本当に有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
Thanks a lot to all the staff who worked on creating such a nice set.

Let’s continue…

BB 2

This is me

It’s 10-year old Sammy.I’m sorry that it isn’t a full body shot

Next is this one!

BB 3

It’s me again

It’s from the time when Sammy is about 16 years old.

And me again

BB 4

This is from the time when Sammy is about 20 years old.

At first glance it seems like I haven’t changed much in looks (laughs). However the way I acted changed.

I really wanted to put up a group picture with everybody, but this time I can’t do it due to several terms and conditions. I’m ashamed…

BB 5

Yesterday, the final day, Akito and Kami-chan treated all of the cast and staff to Takoyaki.

照史、神ちゃん、美味しいタコ焼きをありがとー(T ^ T)
Akito, Kami-chan, thanks for the delicious Takoyaki.

Everybody ate it the way kami-chan had recommended…with spring onions and salt…that’s it (laughs)

However, it was really, really delicious!!

I’m glad that I could eat Takoyaki

And it’s small (on the picture) but it looks like that!

From the bottom of my heart I’m grateful that I could spend really great days with you guys!!

改めて、東京公演、大阪公演とお忙しいなか、そして寒い中、観劇して下さった皆様、応援して下さった皆様、本当に…本当に有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
Once more I’d like to thank all those of you who came to the theaters in Tokyo and Osaka, in spite of the cold weather and your busy schedules, so very, very much!

At events and so on I will talk again in detail about “Blood Brothers”, alright? (laughs)

本当に長くなりましたが最後まで読んで頂き有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
Thank you for reading this entry until the end, even though it was really long.

Well, that’s it for today…

I hope you all are going to be happy today…

Don’t forget Sammy, okay?

“But cross your fingers”

“To say it was all a lie”

“just fiction”

~ミュージカル ブラッドブラザース 終幕~。
And that’s the end of “Blood Brothers”.


(translated and edited by: Stefanie Rubin)

14 March 2015 @ 11:02 pm

Hello Minna!

Two weeks ago on March 1st I attended the DVD release event of Dai-chan's latest movie "Kabbadien". The event was fun and as usual I'd like to share my experience with you, even though it took me that long to get the report done.

I hope you'll enjoy the read!


Kabbadien - DVD Release Event

An event that was different from the usual….

But I’m getting ahead of myself.
On March 1st 2015, an event for the DVD release of “Kabbadien” was held in ‘Space FS’, Shidome, Tokyo. The first event started at 11:00 AM and the second event started at 14:00 PM.

Read more...Collapse )

13 March 2015 @ 01:56 am


Recently, meaning since the premiere of his lates musical "Blood Brothers" Dai-chan updates his blog every day with a selfie and some details about the performances every day.

Yesterday however, on March 11th, Dai-chan updated his blog without posting a selfie and the tone of his entry was rather solemn and emotional.

The reason is that on March 11th 2011 the big "Tohoku" earthquake occurred, a disaster that claimed many lives, brought on a nuclear catastrophy and robbed thousands of people of their whole livelyhood.
Dai-chan remembers that day in his blog entry.

I was very touched by his words and I wanted to share them with you, so I decided to translate this special blog entry for all of you.

Since I'm still learning Japanese myself and still far from being perfect, the translation is not 100% accurate, but I did my best.


"Unforgettable…a day that shouldn’t be forgotten"


Good evening everyone!

Today, on the 7th day of the BB performances in Osaka, everything ended well again.

お忙しいなか、そして雪がちらつき寒い中、劇場に足を運んで下さった皆様、応援コメントを下さった皆様、本当に有難う御座いましたm(_ _)m
I really want to thank all those who came to the theater to see me despite of their busy schedule and the snowy coldness and all those who left me supportive comments on the blog.

Because I received so much encouragement and energy from all of you I was able to run around on stage with vigor today.

And I’m hoping that I can maintain this maximum level of energy that I’m having now.

Today is also an unforgettable day…March 11th is a day that shouldn’t be forgotten.

It has been for years since then.

I think that we don’t receive much word of all those people that have been affected by the disaster on a day-to-day basis anymore…

However, when I watched the news I thought that there are still many people who are still in the middle of the reconstruction process and are still far from being able to go back to the lives they wish to lead.

Being an actor I think the best I can do now is to call out to the world and I wish we can send, in various ways, smiles, courage and power to the people in the affected areas.

Osaka is far away from there, but everybody of the company ("Blood Brothers" Production company) is praying for you.

Well, that’s it for today…

I pray for health and happiness for all of us who are living under the same sky.

To all those of you who have been looking forward to a photo, I’m sorry but please allow me to refrain from uploading one today.

(translated & edited by: Stefanie Rubin)