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Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven

Welcome Minna-san!!!

This Livejournal is dedicated to two of my favorite Japanese actors Hamao Kyousuke (on the left) and Watanabe Daisuke (on the right) and their works, especially the 'Takumi-Kun Series'.

What can you expect from this Livejournal?

- Facts and Trivia about these two wonderful actors
- News and Updates about latest projects, TV-Shows etc.
- Media: Sharing of Music, Videos and Links
- Pictures
- Dai x Mao Fanfiction and Takumi-Kun Fanfiction
- A lot of fangirling :-)

If you like Mao-kun and Dai-chan as much as I do, feel free to follow my journal and/or to add me as a friend.

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Here's part 2 of the report of the "RealFaces" DVD release event that I attended on June 13th, 2015 in Tokyo.


Dai-chan’s ‘Real Faces’ DVD release event – Fan report, part 2

The doors for second event opened at 16:00pm for the sale of the goods, but together with several other fans I had waited at the entrance since 15:15pm to make sure that we would be able to get another copy of both the regular edition and the limited edition DVD in order to get not only a meet & greet ticket, but another photo ticket as well.

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I'm horribly late in posting this, but better late than never, right?

On June 13th, 2015 I attended the official talk event that was held here in Tokyo to promote Dai-chan's latest idol DVD "Real Faces" which was released at the end of May this year. The event was a lot of fun and together with many other fans I had a wonderful time.

As usual I recorded my experiences, feelings and memories of that event in a little report. If you are curious about what was going on at the event, feel free to have a look at my account and should you decide to do so, I hope that you'll enjoy the read.


Dai-chan’s ‘Real Faces’ DVD release event – Fan report, part 1

Dai-chan’s new DVD ‘real faces’ which is part of a series produced by sumabo was released on May 29th 2015 and on June 13th and 14th release events were held in Tokyo and Osaka.

I attended the two events held in Zendetsu Hall in Shin-Ochanomizu, Tokyo on Saturday, June 13th. The tickets were 4200 yen per event and I got them easily through a special pre-sale lottery because I ordered the DVD on sumabo’s homepage (the ticket pre-sale lottery was a special benefit that came with the purchase).

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22 July 2015 @ 03:45 am

Hello Minna!

As some of you might know Dai-chan is currently performing in the broadway musical "South Pacific" and is touring around Japan for performances in various regions of the country.

Today a friend of mine Shin Reira gave me the link to an entry of Masayuki Hirahara's blog.
Masayuki is a famous, award-winning pianist and composer with an international career and has even experience in lecturing at university about composition.

Masayuki-san went to see a performance of "South Pacific" in Hyougo and he recorded his impressions of the performance in his tumblr.
He bestows paraise on all the leading actors, but especially on Dai-chan!

I therefore decided to translate and share this tumblr entry here on my LJ.

I'm so proud of Dai-chan....and so proud to be one of his many fans in- and outside Japan!
Also I'm truly happy for him because he really deserves all the praise that is bestowed upon him in this perfromance review from a professional in that business.

Here's what Masayuki-san says:

Today, I have watched the musical "South Pacific".

From the beginning I was very attracted by Bessho Tetsuya-san’s stage presence and the constantly high level of his acting ability through which I could feel the height of his level as a professional actor.

Norika Fujiwara had an elegant and sexy presence and I strongly felt her aura as an actress.

And the actor who attracted me the most in this musical was Watanabe Daisuke.

He played another major and important role, the role of Marine Corps Lieutenant Joe Cable.

He had an overwhelming stage presence and was brilliant in every aspect, the beauty of his posture when he was standing, the high level of acting skills…I felt that within him lies infinite potential.

After the show I was able to visit the greenroom backstage and I was able to express the impressions I had gotten during the performance directly to the actors.

The lyrics for this version of ‘South Pacific’ that I was able to watch today, a work of my favourite composer Richard Rogers, were translated by Iwatani Tokiko and my heart is full of feelings.

今後ミュージカルの作曲を手掛ける際に、 学びと気付きを得た一日となりました。
And since I’ll be working as a musical composer in the future today turned out to be a very instructive day.


If you would like to have a look at the original tumblr entry, please follow this link:


If you would like to have a look at the official site of "Musical South Pacific", please go here:

09 July 2015 @ 09:35 pm


It's official....it's finally official!!!!

Dai-chan's staff posted an announcement today on Dai-chan's blog, stating that Dai-chan will reprise his role as 'Naruhodo Ryuichi' in the replay of Gyakuten Saiban 2.

Gyakuten Saiban 2 was performed in April/May this year and due to the huge success of the stage play a replay was announced at the final curtain call.
At that time however, it wasn't clear whether all of the main cast would reprise their roles or not.

But now it's offical that all members of the main cast from the April/May performances will also perform in the replay.
And this time the performances won't be limited to Tokyo only, but there'll be performances in Osaka too!

The detailed performance schedule hasn't been released yet, but here is the information announced so far:

[Tokyo performance]

- Date and time: October 31 (Sat) - November 8 (Sun)

Venue: Roppongi Haiyuza theater

[Osaka performance]

- Date and time: November 21 (Sat) to 23 (Monday)

Venue: ABC Hall


Watanabe Daisuke

Wada Takuma

Karin Ogino

Shiina Akira

Hayashi Akihiro

Isogai Ryuuko

Tomita Sho

Hirose Daisuke


If you would like to have a look at the details yourself, please follow these links:

1. Gyakuten Saiban - Stage official homepage:  http://gyakutensaiban-stage.com/

2. Capcom homepage: http://www.capcom.co.jp/gyakutensaiban/

09 July 2015 @ 02:21 am


Thanks to Ryusuke Nakamura, a friend and co-actor of Mao who had starred with him in "Messiah", we finally get some news about our beloved Mao-kun.

On July 5th in his blog entry for the day Ryusuke encouraged fans to leave comments containing questions about his work, in particular " Messiah" that he would answer in blog entries over the next few days.
Since Mao and Ryusuke starred not only together in "Messiah" but are good friends as well some fans naturally asked about Mao too and Ryusuke was kind enough to answer just as he had promised.

Here are the questions regarding Mao and Ryu-kun's answers:

Question/Comment #21

Q: この前まおくんが日本に一時帰国してたけど、龍さんまおくんに連絡したかな?


Though it was some time ago Mao had returned temporarily to Japan.
Did you contact Mao? I wonder if Mao is doing well? I am so anxious. 

Answer : .まおは いつでも元気ですよ。 よく連絡 取ってます。
                 Mao is always fine. We often get in touch.

Question/Comment #42

Q: 最近、柊介と連絡とりましたか?(先日お誕生日でした(・∀・))

Did you contact Shusuke recently? ( The other day was his birthday(・∀・))
(A/N: 'Shusuke' is the name of Mao's character in 'Messiah')

Answer : .もちろん。

誕生日に連絡も取りましたよ。 ってか、結構 頻繁にメールしてます。


Of course.
I  contacted him on his birthday. Also we e-mail quite frequently.

He is in good health and trying his best.

Question/Comment #52

~ そんな龍くんから見て、こいつストイックだな!


In your opinion, who of your co-stars is the one that makes you think “this fellow is stoic!”? ?

Answer : ~ 皆ストイックですけど、





【メサイア ~白銀ノ章~】でまおが座長だった時 稽古が終わった後も ずっと残って筋トレやったり、


でも僕も この現場では、「皆が帰るまでは帰らない」って決めてたので、

お互い稽古場が閉まるまで何かしら やってました(笑

Though everyone is stoic my order is

Hamao Kyousuke

Tamaki Yuuki

Kobayashi Katsuya

During 【Messiah 〜Hakugin no Shou〜】 Mao was the chachou (leader).
After the practice was over, he stayed behind all the time to do various ways of muscle training and stretching.But I was also there and decided "I don’t go home until everybody else goes too" and somehow we ended up working out and practicing until the rehearsal facility closed (laugh)


Ryusuke doesn't give any information about the duration of Mao's stay abroad and his next homecoming, but he assures us that Mao is doing well and is in good health. To hear that from a source other than Dai-chan, who also always assures me that Mao is doing fine whenever I ask him, makes me incredibly happy and feel more at ease.

Thanks Ryu-kun for your kindness to answer all the questions related to Mao!!!!

If you would like to have a look at the original blog entries please follow these links:

1. July 5th 2015  - encouagement to ask questions:

http://ameblo.jp/ryusuke-nakamura/THE YaiYai飲みo(^_^)o

2. July 6th 2015 - The answers Part 1:

http://ameblo.jp/ryusuke-nakamura/【アガルタの花】稽古5日目→THE ANSWER 1 o(^_^)o

3. July 7th 2015 - The answers Part 2:

http://ameblo.jp/ryusuke-nakamura/【アガルタの花】稽古6日目→THE ANSWER 2 o(^_^)o

25 June 2015 @ 03:35 pm

Today is a special day......why???
Because 24 years ago an wonderful guy of angelic beauty and incredible talent named Hamao Kyousuke came into this world!

Happy Birthday Mao-kun!
May this special day be a memorable one, full of smiles, laughter and happiness.
And may this coming year be a great and successful one for you, blessed with health and good fortune.
You might no longer be a public person anymore, but I'm always thinking of you and keep you in my heart.

Minna, as in previous years my friend Amanda and I launched a bithday video project for Mao.
I'd like to thank all those of you who submitted their messages, videos and fanart.
Also a big thank you goes to Amanda who took the trouble of putting the video together despite her insanely tight schedule.

For those of you who want to have a look at the "World Birthday Message 2015" for our dearest Mao, please click on the thumbnail below.

21 May 2015 @ 02:14 am



Our dearest Mao might have retired from the showbiz for now, but he still has many fans and even in New York he has access to YouTube....
Therefore there will be another B-Day video project!

As in previous years the video will be edited together by Amanda Gilbertson, a good friend of mine and member of a big DaiMao fan group on facebook.

If you'd like to participate here are the details:

1. you can create one of the following:
- a photo message
- fan art
- a video message (20 sec. max in English or Japanese)

2. Any good wishes for Mao's future and birthday greetings are accepted, but please refrain from asking Mao to come back to the entertainment industry or from telling him how much you miss him.
Remember, we want to make him happy and put a smile on his beautiful face

3. Send your B-Day message attached to a short email to the following address: ueda_angel@yahoo.com
- please put "Mao B-Day Project 2015" into the subject line and let Amanda know in the body of the message whether your B-Day greeting is a video or a picture/fan art message.

4. Deadline: June 15th

5. For any questions please contact me via PM here on LJ or Amanda Gilbertson by sending your question to the email provided above.

Amanda and I hope that many of you will join this project again and make it once more a successful one. Like in previous years the final video will be published on YouTube in hopes that Mao will get see it like he has done in the past.


21 May 2015 @ 02:07 am

Hi Minna!

Some of you might have already heard it on other fan sites or read it on Dai-chan's blog, but I'd like to keep you up to date anyway.

Dai-chan went to Guam in at the end of March 2014 for the shooting of a new DVD.
The DVD is produced by 'Smart Boys' or 'sumabo', the same company who produced Mao's DVD 'Gakuen no Clover' in 2013 in which he co-starred with Ryouma Baba.
Dai-chan's new idol DVD is going to be the latest release in a sumabo series called 'real face', a series that focuses on idols who are in their late twenties or early thirties...believe it or not, our King Dai-chan is going to be 33 years old this November....

The DVD will be released on May 29th and will be sold on the sumabo website. The price is 4100 yen (incl. tax) and if you're interested in more details, please follow this link:


A special release event for the DVD will be held on June 13th 2015 in Tokyo and on June 14th 2015 in Osaka.
The event consists of a talk show and a meet & greet with Dai-chan and the ticket sale will start on May 30th, the price being 4320yen (incl. tax) per ticket.
I will attend the event in Tokyo and as usual I will post an event report.

Hi Minna!

Believe it or not, but I finally found the time to update my ongoing DaiMao fanfic "Eternal Moon"!
For those of you who are following the story or for those who haven't read it yet, but would like to have a glimpse please follow this link:


I hope that everybody will enjoy the read and please be so kind to leave me a comment with your thoughts in the 'review box' at the bottom of the story page. Every comment is greatly appreciated.

And from tomorrow I'll start working on the next chapter for my Takumi-kun fanfic "Sourire Encore Demain".