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Welcome to Watanabe Daisuke, Hamao Kyousuke and Dai x Mao Heaven

Welcome Minna-san!!!

This Livejournal is dedicated to two of my favorite Japanese actors Hamao Kyousuke (on the left) and Watanabe Daisuke (on the right) and their works, especially the 'Takumi-Kun Series'.

What can you expect from this Livejournal?

- Facts and Trivia about these two wonderful actors
- News and Updates about latest projects, TV-Shows etc.
- Media: Sharing of Music, Videos and Links
- Pictures
- Dai x Mao Fanfiction and Takumi-Kun Fanfiction
- A lot of fangirling :-)

If you like Mao-kun and Dai-chan as much as I do, feel free to follow my journal and/or to add me as a friend.

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Hi Minna,

Recently TOHO stage has been busy updating their YouTube channel as well as the official "Romeo & Juliette" website with introduction videos of the cast members.
Today it was finally Dai-chan's turn to introduce himself as well as his character "Tybalt" and to talk briefly about the musical production and how he feels about playing Tybalt.

To watch the video just click on the thumbnail below:

If you want more information about the musical and the other cast members, please check out the official website of "Romeo & Juliette":


picture credit: Watanabe Daisuke official blog
21 September 2016 @ 02:28 am



…and that means….


As it has become tradition over the past few years, we would like to put a smile on Dai-chan’s face on his birthday and show our King how much he is loved and admired outside Japan by putting together a little video with birthday greetings of his international fans.
This year's video will be edited by Eszter Andrea Yang-Kiss
, the wonderful editor who already edited the "10th anniversary fan award" video for Dai-chan as well as Mao’s b-day video 2016, and myself and we hope that many of you will join this project again and make it once more a successful one.

If you'd like to participate here are the details:

1. you can create ONE of the following:
- a photo message (horizontal layout)
- fanart (horizontal layout)
- a video message (1 min. max in English or Japanese)
Fan clubs can submit ONE fan club greeting in addition to the individual greetings of the members.
Example: a fan club of 10 people = 10 individual greetings + 1 fan club greeting

IMPORTANT: This year we would like to try something new and fresh since Dai-chan must be very much used to seeing fanarts and fanart greetings with pictures of himself by now...
so we decided to go for themed greetings...
The theme is “birthday balloons”, meaning that your fanart, photo message or video greeting should have some birthday balloons in them.
Also, we want to try to make Dai-chan feel a little “closer” to us, his fans from outside Japan.
Therefore, please avoid using Dai-chan pictures in your fanart greetings and use pictures of things that are important to you or things you like instead…flowers, the sky, sweets, your pet, your favourite hangout…be creative.

2. As usual any good wishes for Dai-chan's future and birthday greetings are accepted, but please refrain from asking him about Mao since birthday messages aren’t the right occasion to ask about such things.
Remember, it’s Dai-chan’s birthday and our wishes and greetings should focus on him and should make him happy.

3. In addition to your fanart greeting or video message, please send a birthday-themed poster in horizontal layout as well. The poster should contain one sentence about Dai-chan, for example “I love your voice.”, “one thing I like about you is…”, “I think you are…”, “I admire you for…”
I think you get the idea.
Any decorations on the poster that are related to “birthday” (candles, flowers, cake, balloons, confetti etc.) are accepted.
You can either submit the poster itself only or a photo of you holding the poster into the camera (make sure that the sentence is clearly readable if you choose the “holding the poster” option).
And please add your name and country in one corner of the picture as well.

4. Send your B-Day message attached to a short email to the following address: celtic.rose27@gmail.com
- please put "Dai-chan B-Day Project 2016" into the subject line.

5. Deadline: October 25th

6. For any questions please contact me via PM here on LJ or on FB or by sending your question to the email provided above.

Like in previous years the final video will be published on YouTube and since this year the birthday event for the members of Dai-chan’s fan club is going to be held right on Dai-chan’s birthday, I can deliver our Birthday DVD personally to our King.


19 September 2016 @ 12:11 am

Hello Minna,

Like he has already done in 2013 Dai-chan will again participate at LIVE FOR LIFE charity concert which will be held on November 3rd 2016 in Tokyo.

"Live for Life" is an organization that was founded after the passing of the artist Minako Honda who lost her battle with leukemia in 2005.
It was her wish to raise funds for helping other cancer victims using music and thus in her memory and in order to honor her commitment to help other cancer victims the idea of "Live for Love" was born and the number of artist performing and the number of people attending the concert and donating money has been rising ever since the first concert.

Several years ago Dai-chan lost one of his closest friends, Mac, to cancer and therefore getting the chance to participate in this concert whenever his work schedule allows it means a lot to him.

Here are the details of this year's concert:

[Date]: November 3, 2016 (Thu) 16:30 Doors open / 17:30 start

[Venue]: COREDO Muromachi Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

[Performers]: Iyo Matsumoto,
Yu Hayami,
Hiroko Moriguchi
Tomomi Kahala
Keigo Yoshino

Daisuke Watanabe

Masayuki Hirahara
Shigeru Izumiya
...and others...

[Ticket price]: 8,500 yen (tax included)

[Ticket]: Sale starts on September 24th

For more detailed information, please go to the official website of LFL:



Hi Minna,

The production of Dai-chan's next big musical with TOHO stage "Romeo & Juliette" in which he will play the role of "Tybalt" has finally started and therefore a press conference was held on Monday, September 5th in Tokyo.

As usual for TOHO productions the press conference consisted of a talk show during which the members of the cast introduced themselves and answered some questions and of a mini concert which featured all members of the main cast giving a sneak peak of some of the songs in which they will be featured.

Due to TOHO being Japan's biggest and most famous production company, the press con received a really good media coverage.
Here are some video clips of the event which were kindly shared on official youtube channels.

1. Digest of the talkshow:

2. Digest of the mini concert:

And last but not least here are some pictures of Dai-chan as "Tybalt":

picture credits: ticket pia, eplus, Dai-chan's official blog

29 August 2016 @ 01:15 am

Hi Minna!

As you might remember Dai-chan performed as "Funkuro" in a historical stage play called Honganji in January and February this year. Unfortunately there was no DVD release for that production...

However, upon request of many people who went to see the stageplay the production company has decided to release a DVD after all. Since there has been a double cast for some roles the DVD comes as a 2-Disc set, so that the entire cast is featured, as well as a 16-page booklet with photos from the production.
At present the DVD is available for purchase only in Japan via the official Honganji website and there is no option for international shipping.

Title: Honganji
Price: 8000 yen

Here is a little teaser for the DVD released by the production company:

If you would like to have some more information on the DVD and other official merchandise, please follow this link to the official Honganji goods store:


25 July 2016 @ 11:24 pm


It took me ages, but I finally found enough time to update my ongoing DaiMao vampire fanfic "Eternal Moon".
For all those of you who are following that story and all those who haven't read it yet, but would like to have a glimpse, here is the link:


I hope you will enjoy the read and I'd be very grateful if you would leave me a little review on the fanfic page.

Thanks a million!

picture credit: lacusyamato
25 June 2016 @ 07:45 pm


May you always be healthy and succeed in your endeavors!
May your days be filled with nothing but joy and happiness and may luck follow you wherever you go!!!

25 June 2016 @ 06:57 pm



A big "Thank you" goes to Eszter Andrea Yang-Kiss who took time off her busy schedule to edit this video.
A big "Thank you" also goes to Miza Cross who provided us with a beautiful photo edit for the very end of the video.


The biggest "THANK YOU" goes to all those of you who joined this project and submitted their video greetings, fanart greetings and 'sweet treat' photos to us. We couldn't have done this video without you guys!!!!


To watch the video please follow this link:

In some countries the video might not be visible due to copyright issues, so I uploaded it onto an alternative site. If you can't watch the video on YouTube, please try the following link:




PS: I have written a polite message to Masanori Hamao, kindly asking him to forward the links to the video to Mao via email or LINE.


Hello Minna!!!!


There will be a CD release for "1789 - Bastille no Koibitotachi" by TOHO Stage!

Dai-chan's staff just announced the happy news on his blog today!!!

It's a soundtrack featuring the songs and tunes of the musical and it will come in two versions featuring both main casts (except Kaname-san).

The versions are:

1. "Version de Liberté" featuring Teppei-kun (Ronan), Sayaka-chan (Olympe) and Hanafusa-san (Marie Antoinette)

2. "Version d'égalité" featuring Kazuki-san (Ronan), Nene-san (Olympe) and Hanafusa-san (Marie Antoinette)

Price: 3240 yen per CD

Release Date: October 2016

CAUTION: If you want the complete collection of all the songs and tunes of the musical, you have to buy BOTH versions of the CD since each version features different songs. Some titles are identical, but the singers are different.
For example the song "マズリエの逮捕" is featured on both CDs, once sung by Teppei-kun (version de liberté) and once by Kazuki-san (version d'égalité).

CD "Version de Liberté" features the following tracks:



Read more...Collapse )

However, it seems that the CD will be available in Japan only for the time being.
TOHO Stage offers no international shipping option in their official online shop and payment is only possible by local bank transfer or by cash on delivery.
Payment by credit card, Japanese or foreign, is not accepted.

For more information, please follow this link: http://www.tohostage.com/1789/cd.html

picture source: Toho Stage's official website